Let’s talk additions/renovations . . .

      I have extensive experience in areas that range from high end designed room additions to adding a complete second floor to an existing ranch home.

     The possibilities are endless. I have redesigned several kitchen/dining room/family room projects (typically removing walls), several redesigned master suite projects (bedroom/walk-in closets/bathroom), additions onto trailers, a roof top deck/garden, gutted entire homes and redesigned them, porches, decks, gone with the wind staircases, breezeways, first floor master suites, in-law suite/2nd master suite, garages, maids quarters, bathrooms of all sizes, man cave, play houses, children’s bedroom loft, full bathrooms (complete with washer/ dryer/sink) next to the garage for the man of the house that works outside, wine rooms, master bedroom designed around a round bed, several finished basements, pool houses, professional laundry/master walk in closet, barns, guest house, several home offices, duplexes, enclosed swimming pool, media rooms, in home gun shooting range, 2 chef kitchens with their own function (side by side), laid out bathrooms, dance floors, cigar rooms, townhouses and several bonus rooms over garages.

     Included in each addition or renovation are an analysis of the style and character of the existing home and a preliminary design concept that addresses the issue of the existing structure’s style and character meeting the new structure in a very tasteful manner. The result is a home that looks like it was built that way originally.