Let’s talk consultation . . .

     You may not be ready to implement a new home, renovation or addition project and you just want to know what’s possible. Build vs remodeling, have several unanswered questions – cost, size, design, possibilities, need creative input, need to add value to your home before selling, pros and cons of moving vs. renovating or adding on, etc.? I would love to talk to you about your project!

4 to 5 hour on site consultation, fee will be applied towards project upon hiring.

By the hour phone/computer consultation.

Custom Home Design/Addition/Renovation on Site Consultation Process:

Meet with homeowners at their home for a 4 to 5 hour design consultation appointment.
Preform a thorough walk thru of the property, entire home, inside and outside, in order to understand the structure and design of the current home which helps me to determine the possibilities and potential that the home has and some of the most economical ways to achieve the overall design.
Collects homeowner’s ideas, concepts, needs and wish list. Present homeowner with portfolio of some of my work that correlates with their project.
Measure target areas and take pictures.
Talk design. Presents clients with many creative ideas, solutions, pictures and concepts they have never thought of. Produce several sketch drawings as we speak. Works with homeowners until they get excited about a concept that they would like to develop.
Educate you, the homeowner, so you can make the best decisions in the home building process.
Make sure that all new construction has the same balance, symmetry and feel as existing structure and explain the importance of that. Some examples of concern are roof pitch, window selection, exterior building materials etc.
Always leaving the client with a concept they love and are excited about!