Lets Talk Dream Home. . .

     Building a home, addition or renovation can be a very rewarding experience; it’s as if part of you, your ideas, is frozen in time for the life of the structure, many times out living you. It’s like music frozen in time with its symmetry, rhythm, harmony, proportions, beats etc.

     A quality home – one that looks good, functions well and provides years of enjoyment – is a product of many things  – design, materials and craftsmanship. But it is also the result of outstanding blueprints – the actual plans and specifications that show exactly how to build the home.

     I feature custom plans in a wide range of sizes beginning with the starter home then progressing to the move up home, the luxury home, the retirement home and the vacation home. I also offer many styles of homes such as country, traditional, contemporary and Mediterranean – the types of designs that attract today’s home buyer.

     As an added attraction, all of my designs feature the client’s personalized ideas such as brightly lit, open air designs or lots of storage space to complement the unique beauty of each home.