Visit your favorite neighborhoods and attend open houses. Look for homes for sale and make weekend open houses a regular outing during this visualization phase. Each home will have features that inspire you and features that will leave you unmoved. Make note of each of those: it’s just as important to know what you either don’t care about, or actively dislike. Take pictures.

     Break visualization down into the 5 senses. Sit down, close your eyes and relax. You should start to slowly picture the details in your new house or remodeling project:

     Sight – What is the color on the walls, how many windows are there in the family room, are they big? In the kitchen, what does it look like?  Large or compact, modern or traditional, this room remains the center of everything. Do you walk down a hallway or through another room to get to the kitchen? Do you have a 2 story floor to ceiling fireplace? What do you see when you’re sitting in your favorite chair?

     Hearing – Open your kitchen window. Now listen – do you hear the fountain on the deck, the bird singing early morning. and the sound of your kids laughing from the outside? Do you hear the pitter patter of the raindrops on your skylight? Are there any sound barriers from one bedroom to the next as you lay in bed?

     Taste – Imagine sipping on champagne while sitting in your hot tub or eating roasted marshmallows by the backyard fire pit. Have a late night barbecue with friends. Prepare your favorite foods in your new chef’s kitchen or you could be sipping on your favorite drink out of edible glasses.

     Smell – Open the front door and you can smell your favorite dinner cooking after a hard days work. Walk through the rooms. Smell the vanilla candle burning on the bathroom counter, the steak cooking on the grill. Can you smell the flowers through the open kitchen window?

     Touch – What does the shower water feel light hitting your back – gentle rain or a pulsating flow of water? Feel the smooth, hard granite on the bathroom counter top. Feel the warmth from the fireplace. Walk barefoot thru the plush carpeting. Have a smart tech system with touch pad controls.